AtenTEC chief executive officer Hany E. Mamdouh


Since its foundation, AtenTEC has worked on solving business management challenges and helping businesses reach their goals. As management challenges increase, technology evolves, and so do AtenTEC's strategies to overcome these challenges and provide more suitable software solutions for business management. Addressing challenges, business priorities and management strategies vary. As companies grow, their challenges increase, and AtenTEC comes to maximize growth by minimizing challenges.

We understand that your business has its set of rules, growth plans, and management strategies. At AtenTEC, we work intensively to help your business grow faster and overcome challenges by providing the most adapted software solutions for your specific business needs and strategies.

Software designed based on deep business analysis and consultation is what we offer at AtenTEC. A journey from point A to point B may look simple as moving in a straight line. However, we at AtenTEC know it is not that simple. We look deeply into your goals for moving from A to B, what are possibilities to reach B, how each possibility will affect the entire process, how we can reduce moving process costs, and how we can automate the whole process while getting better results. We combine to achieve the highest profit and return on investment. We provide you with quality software that helps reduce costs, minimize efforts, increase yield, and drive your business growth.

Empowering intelligent software solutions based on deep analysis and consultation and developed specifically for our partner’s needs, we helped companies around the world get the most out of their business, grow faster, and achieve success.

Driven by our passionate relationship with our partners, we hope to be your selected software solution provider.

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Hany E. Mamdouh

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